Quick Answer: What Is An Example Of A Divide?

What is a division sentence example?

A division sentence is made up of 3 numbers, a division sign and an equals sign.

20 ÷ 5 = 4 is an example of a division sentence.

It contains three numbers, a division sign and an equals sign.

20 ÷ 5 = 4 means that 20 shared into 5 equal groups would give us 4 in each group..

What is a divide in science?

A divide is the elevated boundary between areas that are drained by different river systems. A continental divide separates the watersheds of an entire continent. … Water flowing on one side of a divide empties into one body of water, while water flowing on the other side empties into another.

What are the types of division?

Dividend – A number to be divided by another number. Divisor – A number by which another number is to be divided. Quotient – The result obtained by dividing one number by another number. Quotative Division – When dividing a number into groups of a measured quantity.

How do you explain division?

Division is breaking a number up into an equal number of parts. Example: 20 divided by 4 = ? If you take 20 things and put them into four equal sized groups, there will be 5 things in each group.

Is this a division symbol?

The division sign (÷) is a symbol consisting of a short horizontal line with a dot above and another dot below, used to indicate mathematical division.

How do you explain division to a 10 year old?

Make sure that you remember to use words like share and divide throughout so that your child becomes familiar with the concepts.Start with 4 blocks. Share them into 2 equally sized groups.Start with 10 blocks. Share them into 2 equally sized groups.Start with 6 blocks. Share them into 3 equally sized groups.

What are the two type of cell division?

There are two types of cell division: mitosis and meiosis. Most of the time when people refer to “cell division,” they mean mitosis, the process of making new body cells. Meiosis is the type of cell division that creates egg and sperm cells.

What are the three division of Time?

Answer. The three-age system is the periodization of history into three time periods; for example: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age; although it also refers to other tripartite divisions of historic time periods.