Quick Answer: Is An Enum A Class?

Can we define enum inside a class?

Enum declaration can be done outside a Class or inside a Class but not inside a Method.

First line inside enum should be list of constants and then other things like methods, variables and constructor..

Can enum inherit Java?

Java Enum and Interface As we have learned, we cannot inherit enum classes in Java. However, enum classes can implement interfaces.

Why namespace is used in C#?

A namespace is designed for providing a way to keep one set of names separate from another. The class names declared in one namespace does not conflict with the same class names declared in another.

Why is enum constructor private?

We need the enum constructor to be private because enums define a finite set of values (SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE). If the constructor was public, people could potentially create more value. (for example, invalid/undeclared values such as ANYSIZE, YOURSIZE, etc.). Enum in Java contains fixed constant values.

Can we create an instance of enum outside of enum itself?

Explanation: The compareTo() method is implemented to order the variable in ascending order. 2. Can we create an instance of Enum outside of Enum itself? Explanation: Enum does not have a public constructor.

What is true enum?

The Enum keyword is used to declare an enumeration. By default,the first enumerator has the value 0. An enum can also be nested within a class or struct. Usually it is best to define an enum directly within a namespace so that all classes in the namespace can access it with equal convenience.

Can we extend enum in Java?

No, we cannot extend an enum in Java. Java enums can extend java. lang. Enum class implicitly, so enum types cannot extend another class.

Can enum class inherit?

There is no inheritance with enums. You can instead use classes with named const ints.

Can we have enum inside enum?

Enum class. … We can also provide various values as enum-member variables with the enum constants. We can create abstract methods within an enum. In that case, all of the Enum constants will become abstract and will be required to implement declared abstract methods.

Is enum a class in Java?

Enum Class in Java In Java, enum types are considered to be a special type of class. It was introduced with the release of Java 5. An enum class can include methods and fields just like regular classes. When we create an enum class, the compiler will create instances (objects) of each enum constants.

Is enum a class C#?

An enum is a special “class” that represents a group of constants (unchangeable/read-only variables).

Is enum a data type?

Enumeration (or enum) is a user defined data type in C. It is mainly used to assign names to integral constants, the names make a program easy to read and maintain. … The keyword ‘enum’ is used to declare new enumeration types in C and C++. Following is an example of enum declaration.

How do you call a method inside an enum?

Each enum constant is created as an inner class, like MyEnum$1 and MyEnum$2 in your example. Thus, you can retrieve the Class through the constant’s getClass() method and then call your method through reflection (exception handling omitted): … Class c = MyEnum.

Is enum int?

You shouldn’t rely on it being either signed or unsigned. According to the standard it is implementation-defined which integral type is used as the underlying type for an enum. In most implementations, though, it is a signed integer.

What is the size of enum?

four bytesThe size is four bytes because the enum is stored as an int . With only 12 values, you really only need 4 bits, but 32 bit machines process 32 bit quantities more efficiently than smaller quantities.

What is enum class C++?

An enumeration is a user-defined type that consists of a set of named integral constants that are known as enumerators. This article covers the ISO Standard C++ Language enum type and the scoped (or strongly-typed) enum class type which is introduced in C++11.

What are enum classes in Java?

Java Enums. The Enum in Java is a data type which contains a fixed set of constants. … Java Enums can be thought of as classes which have a fixed set of constants (a variable that does not change). The Java enum constants are static and final implicitly. It is available since JDK 1.5.

Can enum inherit from another enum C#?

Enums cannot inherit from other enums. In fact all enums must actually inherit from System. … C# allows syntax to change the underlying representation of the enum values which looks like inheritance, but in actuality they still inherit from System.

When should I use enum in C#?

In C#, an enum (or enumeration type) is used to assign constant names to a group of numeric integer values. It makes constant values more readable, for example, WeekDays.

What is enum class?

An enum is a special “class” that represents a group of constants (unchangeable variables, like final variables). To create an enum , use the enum keyword (instead of class or interface), and separate the constants with a comma.

What is enum with example?

An enum type is a special data type that enables for a variable to be a set of predefined constants. The variable must be equal to one of the values that have been predefined for it. Common examples include compass directions (values of NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, and WEST) and the days of the week.