Question: Swizzle Programming

What is Swizzle method?

Swizzling is the act of changing the functionality of a method by replacing the implementation of that method with another, usually at runtime.

There are many different reasons one might want to use swizzling: introspection, overriding default behavior, or maybe even dynamic method loading..

How do you swizzle in Swift?

How to do method swizzling in swift 4?Create a new method with your custom implementation for a method that you want to swizzle.Get the class representation.Get the old method selector reference.Get the new method selector reference.Ask the objective-C runtime to switch the selectors.More items…

What is Swizzling in Swift?

Peter Steinberger. iOS Development Swift. Swizzling (other languages call this “monkey patching”) is the process of replacing a certain functionality or adding custom code before the original code is called. For example, you could swizzle UIViewController.

How do I find my APN authentication key?

Create the authentication keyIn your developer account, go to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, and under Keys, select All.Click the Add button (+) in the upper-right corner.Enter a description for the APNs Auth Key.Under Key Services, select the APNs checkbox, and click Continue.Click Confirm and then Download.Nov 10, 2020

What is Fcmtoken?

An FCM Token, or much commonly known as a registrationToken like in google-cloud-messaging. As described in the GCM FCM docs: An ID issued by the GCM connection servers to the client app that allows it to receive messages. Note that registration tokens must be kept secret.

How do push notifications work iOS?

Follow these steps:iOS requests a device token from Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).The app receives the token, which functions as the address to send a push notification to.The app sends the token of the device to your server.More items…

What is dynamic keyword in Swift?

Dynamic dispatch. It simply means that the Objective-C runtime decides at runtime which implementation of a particular method or function it needs to invoke. … Swift uses the Swift runtime whenever possible. The result is that it can make a number of optimizations.

Do not disable method Swizzling?

Method swizzling in Firebase Cloud Messaging Developers who prefer not to use swizzling can disable it by adding the flag FirebaseAppDelegateProxyEnabled in the app’s Info. plist file and setting it to NO (boolean value).

What is KVO Swift?

KVO, which stands for Key-Value Observing, is one of the techniques for observing the program state changes available in Objective-C and Swift. The concept is simple: when we have an object with some instance variables, KVO allows other objects to establish surveillance on changes for any of those instance variables.

What is KVC and KVO in Swift?

Key-Value-Coding (KVC) means accessing a property or value using a string. … Key-Value-Observing (KVO) allows you to observe changes to a property or value. To observe a property using KVO you would identify to property with a string; i.e., using KVC. Therefore, the observable object must be KVC compliant.