Question: How Do I Play YouTube While Using Other Apps?

How do I watch a video in the corner of my iPhone?

With the video window showing, you can do any of the following:Resize the video window: To make the small video window larger, pinch open.

Show and hide controls: Tap the video window.Move the video window: Drag it to a different corner of the screen.More items….

Why is my YouTube not playing in background?

Restart the YouTube app or reboot your device If the YouTube app or your mobile device has been running for some time, there may not be enough resources for background play to work smoothly. Try closing the YouTube app or rebooting your phone.

How do you watch YouTube while using other apps?

To start PiP playback while a video is playing in the YouTube app, tap the Android home button . The video will shrink into a PiP window. The PiP window can be dragged to different parts of the screen, allowing playback to continue on top of other apps. To resume playback in the YouTube app, double-tap the PiP.

How do I watch YouTube videos while using another tab?

Step 1: Launch on the Chrome browser on your Android phone and play a video.Step 2: Open the Recent apps screen. … Step 3: Once in the Recent apps screen, long-tap the Chrome icon and select Split screen from it.Step 4: Chrome will stick to the one half of the screen.Mar 12, 2020

Which app can play YouTube in the background?

One of them is Brave Browser. It allows you to play videos on the world’s most popular video hosting in the background both on Android and iOS. It’s enough to just turn the desired video on and then hide the browser Brave. After that, the sound will continue to play in the background.

How do you listen to YouTube with iOS 14 off?

For background playback, just swipe the video off-screen to hide it. If your iPhone falls asleep or you turn off the display, the video will stop playing, but you can start it again with the media controls on the lock screen or Control Center.

How do you keep YouTube videos playing on iOS 14?

One workaround you can do is to use Safari. Go to in Safari, play a video, and make it full screen. This will reveal the standard system video player controls. Here you can select the newly-added PIP button on an iPhone running iOS 14, and the video will pop out from the page.

Can YouTube Play in background iPhone iOS 14?

Background video play built into iOS 14 can make YouTube an even more popular choice for music listening. This iOS feature isn’t a complete YouTube Premium replacement.

Can you play YouTube in the background on iPhone while using other apps?

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background of Locked iPhone or iPadOpen the YouTube app, then start playing the video you want to play in the background.Now press the Power / Lock / Sleep button quickly twice, the video should continue to play in the background while the device is locked.Aug 8, 2018

How do you watch YouTube while using other apps iOS 14?

Activating Picture in Picture ModeOpen Safari.Navigate to the YouTube website.Find a video that you want to watch.Tap on the square icon at the bottom to put the YouTube media player in full screen mode.Tap on the video to display the controls.More items…•Oct 1, 2020

How can I play YouTube in the background on my iPhone premium?

Open the YouTube app. Tap Account. Tap YouTube Premium. After you sign up, by default, YouTube videos will always play in the background.

How do you keep a tab open on another?

Search for Enable Panels, and then restart Chrome for it to take effect. Navigate to the tab you want to keep on top of all your windows, and click the Picture in Picture Viewer button that should now be in your Chrome browser. It will open up that window in a smaller tab that will stay on top of your other windows.

How can I play music while using other apps?

To play music in the background while accessing other…From the Home screen, tap Apps > Music Player .Tap a song in your library to listen to it.Tap the Menu Key > Settings and checkmark the Show notification option so that the music controller is displayed on the Notifications panel.Tap Home Key .Tap Apps and tap the application you want to access.