How Do I Stop YouTube Redirecting To App?

As already answered just go to settings, the apps and go to YouTube app under all applications.

Then clear defaults for YouTube then you can access YouTube on chrome by going to ..

How do you open YouTube in Chrome if it is blocked?

Open YouTube when Blocked in OfficeCheck if YouTube is up or not. The very first thing that you should do is to ensure whether or not YouTube is up. … Check host file. … Open YouTube using IP. … Use proxy. … Use Google Public DNS or Open DNS. … Use a Proxy Extension to unblock YouTube in office. … Use the mobile version of YouTube. … Use TOR Browser.More items…

How do I open YouTube in browser instead of app?

Steps to set YouTube app to open the video linkGo to Settings > Applications> Default applications > Set as default (varies with devices).Scroll down to choose YouTube.Tap Go to supported URLs.Select Via this app. Or choose Always ask if you prefer to make choice every time.

How do I stop Android from automatically opening my browser?

If you’re seeing annoying notifications from a website, turn off the permission:On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app .Go to a webpage.To the right of the address bar, tap More Info .Tap Site settings.Under “Permissions,” tap Notifications. … Turn the setting off.

How do I stop Google from redirecting me?

Prevent Chrome Redirect Click the three dots in the top right corner of the Chrome window and choose Settings. Choose Privacy and Security from the options on the left of the screen and select Site Settings. On the screen is an option called Pop-ups and redirects, which should be set to Blocked.

How do I stop an app from redirecting?

Open Chrome on your Android device. To the right of the address bar, tap More, then tap Settings. Tap Site settings, then select Pop-ups and redirects. Switch Pop-ups and redirects to Block (You should then see “Block sites from showing pop-ups and redirects (recommended)” under Pop-ups and redirects)

How do I stop apps from opening in browser?

If you want to stop Android apps from opening web browsers, you need to tweak a series of settings….Clear defaultsThe first step is to open the Settings app.Then tap Apps.Locate your default browser.Select the Open by default section.Tap the Clear defaults option.You should now see the message ‘No defaults set. ‘Dec 4, 2020

What is the problem of YouTube?

YouTube is facing the same problems as Twitter and Facebook; content management and lack of oversight. They don’t want to be responsible for the dark forces using their platforms to spread harmful messages or disturbing content. They’re also too big to be able to vet every single tweet, Facebook post or video.

Why does my phone redirect to unwanted pages?

If it’s a JavaScript redirect built into a template page that you’ve downloaded and applied to all of your browser pages, it’s a multistep process; here’s an example for the malware known as Disable JavaScript in all your browsers. Install anti-malware software, such as “Malwarebytes for Android”

How do I stop apps from opening App Store?

If you don’t want to disable Family Sharing, then you can hide apps that you’ve purchased. Go to the App Store–>tap your profile in the upper right corner–>Purchased–>My Purchases–>swipe left on app–>click Hide.

How do I stop the Google app from popping up?

Google Assistant can be incredibly handy, but many users reported that Google Assistant keeps popping up for them….How to stop Google Assistant from popping up?Turn off voice access. … Disable Google Assistant home button. … Remove microphone permissions. … Clear the cache for Google apps.More items…•Sep 7, 2020

Set Chrome as your default web browserOn your computer, click the Start menu .Click Settings .Open your default apps: Original version: Click System Default apps. … At the bottom, under “Web browser,” click your current browser (typically Microsoft Edge).In the “Choose an app” window, click Google Chrome.

How do I stop chrome from redirecting on YouTube app?

Go to Android Settings, select Apps.Find and select Youtube.Go to Open by default.Tap on Open supported links. … Select Don’t open this app.After this, the Youtube app won’t open when you click on a Youtube video. … If you don’t want to change the default setting, you can hold and tap Open in new tab on a Youtube link.

Why is YouTube opening in Mobile?

It may be because there were cookies stored to your browser making you appear on Youtube as you were using mobile phone instead of your desktop device. Also, as you have accessed m . youtube. com multiple times before, it may be listed in the first lines of the shortcut as you are entering youtube in your browser.

How do I stop Safari from redirecting to apps?

Change Safari settings to prevent redirects.Step 1: Block Pop-Ups and Disable Website Tracking. Open Settings, scroll down and select Safari. Within the General section, make sure the Block Pop-ups option is toggled on. … Step 2: Block Cookies. Click the Block Cookies option within Safari settings.Jun 16, 2015

About This ArticleOpen your Settings.Tap Apps.Tap ⁝.Tap Default Apps.Tap Set as Default.Tap YouTube.Tap Go to Supported URLs.Jun 3, 2018

How do I stop Chrome from opening apps on IOS?

Tap the menu icon, settings, “Google app settings”, and turn off “Ask me which app to use every time” and ensure the browser you want to use is checked.

How do I get out of YouTube Mobile?

Signing out of the YouTube app on Android will sign your account out from all Google apps on the device (like Maps and Gmail)….Sign outTap your profile picture .Tap Switch account.Tap Manage accounts.Tap on the account you’d like to remove from your device.Tap Remove account.

Why is there an error on YouTube?

When YouTube can’t complete the action you’ve taken, an error message may appear on your device. … Many are out of YouTube’s control, including a bad internet connection and insufficient memory on your device. Some of the most common error messages are: “Please check your network connection (Retry).”