Sharing the working environment, tools, ​and​ software​​

Hello everyone,

In this post, I’m gonna share you about my working environment. What I use for development. Some software, freeware, development kit and related stuff.

Let’s roll the ball.



  • Mac OS
    I have walked away from Window platform when I became an iOS developer
  • Skype
    For friend communication, oversea communication, phone call
  • Slack
    For working, technologies communication
  • Calendar
    It reminds me of everything every day, We should give it a lovely name
  • Disk Inventory X
    Although my disk is 512Gb, it usually runs out of space. We should go ahead with 1Tb if have a chance.
    Sometimes, I need to clean up my disk, this software helps me find which one occupies how much space on the overall. This freeware is outdated, slow running, freezing. I need to find an alternative
  • AppCleaner
    To delete an application, it just not throws it into the trash bin. We need to have this tool to remove the related files.
  • SizeUp
    Good software to help us work with multi-screens and multi-monitors
  • app
    I have found out this app recently, this support offline watching, bookmarks. More convenient.
  • iMovie
    For cut and editing videos.
  • Note
    I use this a lot. This note synchronous the data across devices like Macbook, iPhone, iPad, safari. I cannot walk away from the Apple ecosystem.
  • Tor Browser for Mac
    I use this less, but this relay-traffic technology is still a good tool for hiding identity. But I think host an own VPN will faster and more flexible.
  • Chrome
    I used most in the past. But now I use Chrome for watching Youtube and Video. Safari has so much issue with video streaming.
  • Safari
    I use safari for everything related to the keychain.
  • Mindnote
    A paid app for taking mind node.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop
    Remote connect to any Window machine. It’s free, well-programmed
  • Aerial screen saver
    It is an open-sourced Apple live video screensaver, plus my little modification.


    Best freeware for draw any diagrams

Development Kit

  • XCode
    Be iOS developer, We have no choice.
  • Visual Studio 2017 Community
    .NET Core is available on MAC now. Hence We’re able to develop ASP MVC api, .NET apps, Xamarin, and Unity
  • Visual Studio Code
    Well-programmed tool, this tool is kind of general purposes editor for everything.
  • Sublime
    Not valid for commercial use, so Visual Studio Code is a good replacement.
  • Terminal
    This tool will be helpful if we know to use. When I used Window, I never touched its Power Shell. But on MAC, We definitely use a lot
  • Cmake
    If We think about writing a C/C++ cross-platform core module, this tool may help a lot. I haven’t had much experience with this tool yet.
  • Cornerstone 2 (Deprecated)
    In the past, I worked with SVN for source control. CornerStone2 was used a lot. But I go with Git now.
  • Sourcetree
    I’ve migrated to Git since late-2016. Sourcetree helps a lot, I don’t remember much  Git command-line.
  • GitKarent
    I’ve have known Kirant, and used recently, but still prefer Sourcetree.
  • Charles Proxy
    A proxy tool for capture, look over, alternate the http/https traffic. GUI friendly designed tool, everybody uses even QA, Dev,…
  • Wireshark
    Another tool for looking over the traffic, but it is complicated to use. We need more patient using this freeware.
  • Docker
    If you care about microservices, service API, consistent/rebuildable deployment environment,… Docker technology is crucial. But realize that Docker comes along with a lightweight virtual machine mechanism. So I prefer it than VirtualBox
  • app
    Get more convenient on docker management.
  • Apple Configurator 2
    This tool is used for advanced configuration on Apple devices. For example Setup supervises mode, setup Charles proxy, etc…
  • itool
    I used a lot in the past for pulling the IPA packages from iDevices. For recently it does not work properly with the latest iOS

Cloud infrastructure

  • AWS
    Host several personal services on the AWS platform. Some AWS cloud instance types are free, but they are strong enough for hosting VPN, SVN, GIT, web server, database, WordPress, so on.
  • Vultr
    Simpler, more elegant than AWS. It doesn’t require much knowledge to deploy a cloud instance.

Terminal addon

  • Oh my zshell
    Working with terminal seems easier with this trick.
  • Youtube-dl
    Download any videos from youtube. No freeware with ads.
  • Httpie
    It is easy to make an HTTP request with.
  • FFmpeg
    I don’t need a 3rd party tool to convert a media file. It can do a lot more than this.
  • Nano
    More friendly terminal editor than Vi, VIM or anything

Any more?

So far, those are what I have used. If you have anything interesting, please share it.

(Will keep updating later)

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