Vultr, look over

Having some interests in cloud infrastructure. Wanna host a website, service API, database, etc… Is there any option besides AWS, Google Cloud?

Let’s look over Vultr


The cheapest option is 2.5 bucks per month for a cloud instance with 1 CPU, 20Gb SSD storage, 512Mb and 0.5Tb bandwidth. That price is unbeatable compared to AWS and Google Cloud. But the offer looks like fixed-price not hourly like AWS, Google Cloud.

The cheapest cloud instance does include an ipV6 only. You may need to add a reserved IP for ipv4. It costs $3/month. It’s kind of tricky. The other way, you may need to find a dynamic DNS which support ipV6 for free.

Anyway, At this time Vultr offers the lowest deal I believe.

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Payment Methods

For the first time user, it requires you to deposit at least $10. Vultr also supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Debit/Credit card, and Paypal payment. But for Cryptocurrency payment, you must pay the first time in Debit/Credit card or Paypal. Hence there’s no chance for hiding identity.

Vultr - UI Billing

Available Locations

If comparing to AWS, Google Cloud Engine, Vultr has limited available location. Most of them are US-based.

Vultr - Location

Available OS and applications

Vultr supports 64bit OS, 32bit OS, a bunch of application as well as ISO library.
There are 35+ ISOs in its library at this moment. You also can upload your ISO.

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GUI, Control Panel & functionalities

Unlikely AWS or Google Cloud, Vultr has enough functionalities for most regular use cases. Actually AWS, Google Cloud provides too much, look complex and redundant. I would like something simpler.

The Vultr GUI panel is also a plus point. Simple, elegant. I like it.

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Soft price, minimal functionalities, simple GUI panel. That’s all. If you’re a guy who doesn’t like something complex like AWS, Google Cloud, then Vultr is a choice.

One thought on “Vultr, look over

  1. Agreed. I’ve used Vultr for years now. If you’re not looking for granular cloud automation and resiliency like those of AWS or GCE, Vultr is totally fine. Especially if all you’re looking to do is host a WordPress or static site, no noisy neighbors on your own VPS instance. Win-win. Performance is actually pretty great on Vultr too.

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