Setup Swift-NIO for iOS, tvOS

I look over Swift NIO, and I see it kind of potential. Written on the top of POSIX socket. Simple, lightweight. Some parts of its core are written in C or reuse C library. It even reuses the NGNIX's HTTP parser in its core. I have found out that this parser is used widely in some well-known software and open sources. Some instances are NodeJs's parser, IBM-Swift's Kitura-net,...


Keep the watch app away from Release Build

WatchOS app is an extension, it doesn't stand alone. It basically needs a host app. The WatchOS project usually is a sub-project which eventually its product will be attached to the main app. But XCode doesn’t give us an option to keep the extension out for Release Build. I’m going to write a tutorial to handle this situation.

Projects which use method swizzling technique

The post basically looks over some projects listed in awesome ios. I do not dive deep into each project to figure out what it does with method swizzling technique. Some of them use method swizzling for writing unit tests, some use swizzling for its core logic business, etc. Data persistence Firebase Firebase is Google's mobile platform that … Continue reading Projects which use method swizzling technique