Fear of Swizzling

  I believe that Swizzling is the most argumentative technique in Objective-C/Swift. Apple allows developers to use it. It also has released some official documents about Swizzling. But Apple doesn't set a standard on using Swizzling. It means the application could have some potential chances of being rejected. I'm not a fan of Swizzling, but there … Continue reading Fear of Swizzling

Method Swizzling and some applications

Be iOS developer, I'm pretty sure that most of you have ever heard somewhere about Swizzling. I also like to talk about this topic. Not gonna say all things about Swizzling, definition, what, why, blah blah,... Just share the main ideas, some applying in practice from my experience. In Swift/Objective-C, it provides a kind many functions … Continue reading Method Swizzling and some applications